He Didn’t Though…Why Stuff Doesn’t Get Done

M. Francis Enright
2 min readJun 3, 2023


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“It will go here,” I spread my hands at the wall, “So we just need to figure out the height the hang it at. David will walk in over there; I figure the camera can pick him up here…”

We walked through the motions.

Eddie, the Assistant Director asked, “Dave, where is the banner?”

The main character works for Gold Crest Enterprises LLC. I wanted the audience to know that, so we needed a banner with the name of the company. Dave was supposed to order one.

He paused, caught off guard. He seemed puzzled that he was being asked about a task he was clearly supposed to have accomplished, a task for which he was being paid.

“Did you order it?” Eddie asked, knowing the answer.

“Uh, yeah, I had it sent to my mother’s house.” He told us.

No one said anything because he was clearly lying. It was like listening to a seventh grader come up with an excuse for not having his homework. It was really awkward, even more so because Dave worked for the production company. His lack of doing his job reflected poorly on them.

The next day, Dave emailed me asking which design I liked for the banner, which I found peculiar since he said he had already ordered it and it had been delivered to his mother’s house. I didn’t respond beyond tell him which one. Calling him out on his bullshit would have been like kicking a three-legged dog; I don’t have the heart for it.



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