The Deeper Meaning 2

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Matty Kerr is co-creator with John Brancaccio of The Working Experience. He is also a filmmaker and published author. Listen to the full episode on iTunes and Spotify and visit our website: for videos, merchandise and more. You can also find us on Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, and Twitter.


Maybe not. Maybe it is all on the surface. Maybe these things just happen.

So now what?

Now what?

Keep digging. Even if it isn’t there, and maybe it isn’t, getting there is the where the gold is to be found.

Is there a God?

Is there no God?

What’s the difference? Would I act any differently if I knew for sure.

No, I would not. I’d be as good and as bad as I am right now. No better, no worse.

So, is there a deeper meaning to all this writing?

Does Professor Griff possess some deeper knowledge from which we would all benefit?

Well, after doing an episode of The Working Experience with him, I now know what the “break” in break dance means.

That’s good enough.



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Co-creator and cohost of The Working Experience Podcast. We explore what people do for work, how they do it and how they feel about it. Twice a week!