The Deeper Meaning #4: What Would You Be Creating?

M. Francis Enright
2 min readJun 5, 2022
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I filmed a short film today and I wasn’t ready.

What would you be creating? If you had the opportunity?

What is it that you want to create? A book? A film? A painting? A business?

Well, go on ahead. What are you waiting for? The right time? It never comes. For things to be perfect? They never will be. To have all your ducks in a row? To have enough money? More time? Never…gonna…happen.

Why? Because if you think like that you will always find an excuse to not do it. And there will always be an excuse.

Because it is scary. Doing anything creative is. There is no guide book. You will never know if your are ready. You will never be ready.

I filmed a short film today and I wasn’t ready. The cast wasn’t ready. We hadn’t rehearsed; I hadn’t even met the actors or the cameraman until this morning. The script was as done as I could get it, but scripts are never really done. I have no idea if it is a piece of shit or not.

But I did it.

You just have to do it.

The following advice is simple, dare I say simplistic, but most hard things are. Turn off the TV for a bit. Put your phone in the other room. Put off binge watching the latest series of garbage.

Sit down at a nice clean, quiet desk with a pen and paper and bullet point a plan. Write the script. Gather your materials. Whatever.

Set a date.

And go.



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