The Deeper Meaning

M. Francis Enright
2 min readApr 30, 2022
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As a creative nonfiction writer and sometime writer of fiction, I find that I am always thinking about “the deeper meaning”. What is the “deeper meaning”, the subtle nuance in the story that I am missing? It must be somewhere in these words that I commit to the page. Sometimes I have the notion that if I can dig a hole through the dead center of the page I could find the deeper meaning beneath them. Or I could disrupt them, move them around I could find it between the words, in between the letters even.

I wrote a story about Anton Newcombe, founder of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. I wrote a story about Muhammad Abdul Hadi, founder of Down North Pizza. I wrote a story about David Heinnemeier Hansson, the founder of Base Camp and Ruby on Rails.

What is the deeper meaning to these stories? What is the connective tissue?

Is it there one?

Maybe not. Maybe it is all on the surface. Maybe these things just happen.

So now what?



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