Things That Make You Sound Arrogant and Dumb

Matty K is a cohost and producer of The Working Experience Podcast.

Arrogance and ignorance are a deadly combination.There is nothing worse than a person who purports to know everything and knows nothing. And yet these types proliferate. Just look at some of our leaders during this time of uncertainty and fear. Two days ago the governor of Georgia said he didn’t know that people who did not show signs of the Covid-19 virus could spread it, which seems to be why he had not closed businesses and implemented other measures that states such as New York and Massachusetts had done. He said this two days ago! How is that possible? I don’t know what is more scary, that he is lying or telling the truth. And he is arrogant enough to feel that he should lead a state.

Arrogance is bad enough. It is hard to listen to an arrogant jackass, even if he or she is right. And when combined with ignorance you get bad results.

In this day and age, ignorance and arrogance seem to be virtues; they go together like peanut butter and jelly. As long as you bluster and yell loudly enough and insult people who actually know something, you will go far.

If you want to recognize when someone is an arrogant clown, or avoid being one yourself, look for these signs.

  1. Saying “I have an MBA so I should know.”

That is a great way to alienate just about anyone, even other people who have an MBA as well. Many people confuse education with intelligence; they are are not the same thing.

There are many very intelligent people who never had the chance for a better education. There are also many highly educated buffoons out there. Be aware of the difference.

2. Taking way too long to over-explain a simple concept.

This is a dead give away that a person is not terribly bright. You are standing there listening to the person drone on and on or reading a ridiculously long email thinking, “I get it, I get it.” It indicates that the person does not understand the fairly simple concept.

3. Saying “That’s not my job.”

It is more how a person says the above phrase, as though he or she is above that particular task and it should be left to some dimwitted drone. It might also mean the person doesn’t know how to do the task.

4. Saying, “I did what I was asked to do.”

This falls more in the category of just being stupid and lazy. It is saying, “I have no ideas of my own; I lack creativity and imagination and I am here to do the bare minimum. I am a sheep. A passive-aggressive sheep.” Kindergarteners can color by numbers too.

5. Saying, “My boss has no idea what he/she is doing.”

Well, if you are so smart then you be the boss. It is very easy to sit on the sidelines and mock without having the courage to grab the reins and take on some responsibility. Saying that just makes a person look weak.

Remember that arrogance is an act. It is merely a cover for deep seated fear and insecurity. The louder a person is, the weaker he or she is.

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